Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Kids want to write. They have things to say. They want to tell stories and comment on important events in their lives or their world. They want to create and be seen to create and they want to be read. It’s imperative we give our students the opportunity of expression. In planning effective and engaging lessons, student expression must play a role.  One of the best vehicles for this type of essential expression is Kidblog.  For the past four years, my students have been publishing their work here; it’s hands down their favorite site!  I love it for the ease of collaboration and feedback (both from me and their peers) and for how it pushes them to write for internet audiences.  They quickly learned how to add pictures to their posts or change fonts to make their writing pop.  Knowing their work will be read by their peers or other classes around the globe subconsciously forces my students step up their writing game.

New blog for Primary 6th grade:

New blog for Primary 4th grade: